Investing in Professional Logo Design Pays Off

Setting up a new business is an exciting and perhaps scary time. There are many, many tasks that need to be done, and potentially a lot of financial outlay on things like equipment, tech and stock. But it would be a mistake to overlook paying a professional to design you a logo and kickstart your company’s branding.

Nowadays, there are plenty of resources on the internet, so you may think you can save yourself a few pounds and buy an off-the-shelf logo. Some even come free. The problem with this is that lots of other businesses think the same, so you could well find that there’s another company in your local area or on social media, for instance, whose logo looks just like yours. That can lead to confusion among customers which may cause problems or reduced sales further down the line.

It’s far better to hire a professional to do the job for you in the first place. It needn’t cost the earth, and you’ll end up with a logo that not only suits your brand, products and services, but will serve you well as your business grows. But why is your logo so important?

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Why You Need a Great Logo

For starters, your professionally designed logo will give people a great first impression of your business. Whether it’s on your website, a leaflet, posters or window graphics, the logo will be the first thing to attract your prospective customers’ eyes. Research shows that many people make a decision about whether to trust a business or not within the first second of seeing its material, so if you have a slick, neat or informative logo, that could be enough to turn a prospect into a paying customer.

Next, your logo will be entirely original to your company if you invest in professional design. A professional logo design will capture the essence of what you do and how you do it. It will attract people’s attention and give your fledgling business an identity, which in turn will make it easier to build your brand in future.

Finally, a professional designer will make sure your logo is transferable across all media. As you grow, you’ll probably want to incorporate it into different types of media. You might want it sized up for vehicle graphics, hoarding graphics or exhibition signs, for example, or sized down for stationery like invoices and business cards. If you ask a professional to design the logo in the first place, they will create it in the right format for it to be used across a range of media, all with the same high resolution so it never looks cobbled together or amateurish.

Helping You Make Your Mark in Your Local Area

You may baulk at what appears to be an unnecessary expense at an already expensive time, but paying for good logo design really will pay off over the longer term. If you need graphics, logos or brand design services in West Sussex, why not try us here at Phoenix Signs? Sign makers in Burgess Hill for over 40 years, we have a wealth of experience in helping local independent businesses succeed.

Not only can we design a logo for your new company, we can also incorporate it in vehicle graphics or wrapping if you have a company van; shop fascias and point of sale signage for retail outlets; builders’ boards for the construction trade; and much more. Call today to speak to us.

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